Stanford University
Binary Trees
Foundations of Computer Science
Al Aho and Jeff Ullman
Linked List Basics
Linked List Problems
The Great Tree List Recursion Problem
Practical and Theoretical Aspects of Compiler Construction
Mining of Massive Datasets
Introduction to Information Retrieval
Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning
Andrew Ng *(Notes, lectures, and problems)*
The Elements of Statistical Learning
Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani, and Jerome Friedman
Computer Musings
Pointers And Memory
The Quest for Artificial Intelligence: A History of Ideas and Achievements
Nils J. Nilsson
Essential C
CS106X Programming Abstractions in C++
Git Magic
Essential Perl
Unix for Poets
Kenneth Ward Church (PDF)
Stanford Javascript Crypto Library
Stanford Microarray Data
Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection

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Stephens College
Sterling’s Fold
I dressed in black for Game 5 of the Clippers-Warriors series. I wasn’t alone. More than 40 percent of the fans wore black T-shirts, black blouses, black dresses, black everything. The cheerleaders wore skimpy black outfits.
Sterlitamak State Pedagogical Institute
Stetson University
Steve Albini on the surprisingly sturdy state of the music industry – in full
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Stie Perbanas Surabaya
STMIK Sinar Nusantara
Stock Market Insights | Seeking Alpha
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Stockholm School of Economics
Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
Stockholm University
Stop being a tourist
Look at these idiots. Oblivious, naïve, and probably American. Even their execution of the quintessential holding-up-the-leaning-tower-of-Pisa pose is deeply flawed.
Stop Making Sense
Should we talk about where we’ve just been? The group stage was one coup after another, a sequence of thrilling games that gradually dismantled the existing order of international soccer. The last two world champions died in their baths.
Stop People from Wasting Your Time
We’re all too busy, spending our days in back-to-back meetings and our nights feverishly responding to emails. (Adam Grant, a famously responsive Wharton professor, told me that on an “average day” he’ll spend 3-4 hours answering messages.
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Stratford College London
Strathmore University
Stratus 2
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Strayer College
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Streaming Music Has Left Me Adrift
It’s hard to imagine now, but there once was a time when you could not play any song ever recorded, instantly, from your phone. I call this period adolescence. It lasted approximately 30 years, and it was galvanized by conflict.
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