Crypto 101 - Crypto for everyone
Handbook of Applied Cryptography
How to deal with Passwords
Intrusion Detection Systems with Snort
OWASP Top 10 for .NET Developers
Security Engineering
The Secret Life of Passwords
Howard Lutnick, the chief executive of Cantor Fitzgerald, one of the world’s largest financial-services firms, still cries when he talks about it.
Secrets, lies and Snowden's email: why I was forced to shut down Lavabit
My legal saga started last summer with a knock at the door, behind which stood two federal agents ready to to serve me with a court order requiring the installation of surveillance equipment on my company's network.
How Russian Hackers Stole the Nasdaq
In October 2010, a Federal Bureau of Investigation system monitoring U.S. Internet traffic picked up an alert. The signal was coming from Nasdaq (NDAQ). It looked like malware had snuck into the company’s central servers.
Missed Alarms and 40 Million Stolen Credit Card Numbers: How Target Blew It
The biggest retail hack in U.S. history wasn’t particularly inventive, nor did it appear destined for success. In the days prior to Thanksgiving 2013, someone installed malware in Target’s (TGT) security and payments system designed to steal every credit card used at the company’s 1,797 U.S.
Everything Is Broken
Once upon a time, a friend of mine accidentally took over thousands of computers. He had found a vulnerability in a piece of software and started playing with it. In the process, he figured out how to get total administration access over a network.
Inside The Billion-Dollar Hacker Club
For this group of old friends, assembled for an impromptu reunion, the venue would feel familiar: an online chat room running on a secure private server.
The Ultra-Simple App That Lets Anyone Encrypt Anything
Encryption is hard. When NSA leaker Edward Snowden wanted to communicate with journalist Glenn Greenwald via encrypted email, Greenwald couldn’t figure out the venerable crypto program PGP even after Snowden made a 12-minute tutorial video.
The Digital Hunt for Duqu, a Dangerous and Cunning U.S.-Israeli Spy Virus
Boldizsár Bencsáth took a bite from his sandwich and stared at his computer screen.
The Internet’s Telltale Heartbleed
The cryptography expert Bruce Schneier, who has been writing about computer security for more than fifteen years, is not given to panic or hyperbole.
Advice from a Real Hacker: How to Create Stronger Passwords
People who know that I am a professional hacker often ask me what they can do to make their computers and personal information safe from people like me.
oAuth Consumer Library
by John Kristian
How iD Logs in to OpenStreetMap
JSO - a Javascript OAuth Library
JavaScript Cryptography
Javascript Crypto Library
Stanford Javascript Crypto Library
mozilla / jwcrypto
Javascript Cryptography Considered Harmful
Final post on Javascript crypto
Greylock Partners - A Leading Silicon Valley Venture Capital Firm
Greylock Partners is a leading venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. We primarily invest in start-ups and growth stage ventures that operate in consumer and enterprise software and Internet sectors.
Silicon Valley-based early-stage venture capital firm with a 45 year successful track record and an investment focus on global IT companies providing solutions to businesses and consumers.
Cienaga Systems offer predictive, evolutionary cyber security solutions that are not reliant on signatures, samples or baselines
CipherGraph Cloud VPN for Security on AWS and others Clouds
The CipherGraph Cloud VPN is a virtual VPN appliance for business. It bridges multiple cloud and datacenter backend locations, thus enabling secure and
Avast 2015 | Free Antivirus
Avast 2015 is here, and it’s free. The newest version of the most-trusted security in the world is ready, and it’s completely free. Avast protects more than 230 million people, businesses, and mobile devices worldwide.
Find Your Security Solution

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Serena Williams Is America’s Greatest Athlete
This week, as the sports world repays our slavish attention with more lousy, grotesque news, it’s worth noting that, on Sunday, the greatest American athlete in a generation won the U.S. Open, again, for the sixth time and the third year in a row.
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A single tool to manage projects, customers and billing Visma Severa is a professional services automation tool used to manage projects, customers, sales, time tracking and billing. Severa is also known as business software for project management , Project portfolio management and customer relationship management . Accessed online through the web, Visma Severa is a hosted solution, software as a service , cloud computing or software on-demand, where the software and data are maintained in a secure, remote server and available through a computer’s web browser from anywhere at anytime.
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