Browser Diet
A collaborative guide about front-end performance.
Video: DOM HTML5 & CSS3 Performance
by Paul Irish
Video: High Performance Javascript
by Nicholas Zakas
Video: Building A Performant HTML5 App
with Trunal Bhanse and Akhilesh Gupta (LinkedIn)
Writing Fast Memory-Efficient JavaScript
JavaScript Performance Best Practices
by Nokia
Improving the performance of your HTML5 App
Best Practices for a Faster Web App with HTML5
Front-end performance for web designers and front-end developers
Let's Make the Web Jank-free
Memory 101
Memory leak patterns in JavaScript
Understanding and Solving Internet Explorer Leak Patterns
Finding memory leaks
How to write low garbage real-time Javascript
JScript Memory Leaks
Tracking Down Memory Leaks in Node.js
Effectively Managing Memory at Gmail scale
Writing Fast Memory-Efficient JavaScript
jsPerf the JavaScript performance playground
Chrome Developer Tools
Heap Profiling
Profiles Panel
JavaScript Profiling With The Chrome Developer Tools
Introduction to Chrome Developer Tools Part One
Revolutions 2013
Optimizing for V8
very technical series on the V8 engine
I-want-to-optimize-my-JS-application-on-V8 checklist
Performance tips for JavaScript in V8
JavaScript Leak Finder
Introduction Article
Navigation Timing
Firebug Paint Events
JavaScript caching framework for client side caching in the browser using localStorage
Caliper is a web service for performance monitoring of your web app.
Rendering: repaint reflow/relayout restyle
Reflows & Repaints: CSS Performance making your JavaScript slow?
The new game show: Will it reflow?
When does reflow happen in a DOM environment?
Speeding up JavaScript: Working with the DOM
Efficient JavaScript
When Does JavaScript trigger reflows and rendering
How (not) to trigger a layout in WebKit
to trigger a layout in WebKit](
requestAnimationFrame for smart animating
Leaner Meaner Faster Animations with requestAnimationFrame
Collie - high performance Animation library
Using requestAnimationFrame to Optimize Dragging Events
requestAnimationFrame API: now with Sub-Millisecond Precision
Why moving elements with translate() is better than pos:abs top/left
Why moving elements with translate() is better than pos:abs top/left is better than pos:abs top/left](
Visualizing WebKits hardware acceleration

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