Institute of Management Studies

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Ninite - Install or Update Multiple Apps at Once
The easiest, fastest way to update or install software. Ninite downloads and installs programs automatically in the background.
Ninja Framework
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No Excuse List
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No Time to Think
ONE of the biggest complaints in modern society is being overscheduled, overcommitted and overextended. Ask people at a social gathering how they are and the stock answer is “super busy,” “crazy busy” or “insanely busy.” Nobody is just “fine” anymore.
No Time to Think
ONE of the biggest complaints in modern society is being overscheduled, overcommitted and overextended. Ask people at a social gathering how they are and the stock answer is “super busy,” “crazy busy” or “insanely busy.” Nobody is just “fine” anymore.
NOAA Bering Sea Climate
Noah’s Spark
How Joakim Noah went from being the teenage hot dog vendor at ABCD All America camp to being an NBA All-Star and the emotional leader of the Chicago Bulls France Joakim Noah was 5 years old the first time his father, Yannick, gave him a tennis lesson.
Noakhali University of Science and Technology
YSlow.js on Node.js is a simple Node.js wrapper for programmatically running phantomjs yslow.js.
Node: Up and Running
Tom Hughes-Croucher
Node.js Succinctly, Syncfusion
Non-Programmer's Tutorial for Python 2.6
Non-Programmer's Tutorial for Python 3
Nordakademie, Staatlich anerkannte private Fachhochschule mit dualen Studiengängen
Nordic School of Public Health
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Normcore: Fashion for Those Who Realize They’re One in 7 Billion
Sometime last summer I realized that, from behind, I could no longer tell if my fellow Soho pedestrians were art kids or middle-aged, middle-American tourists.
Normcore: Fashion Movement or Massive In-Joke?
Normcore (noun) 1. A fashion movement, c. 2014, in which scruffy young urbanites swear off the tired street-style clichés of the last decade — skinny jeans, wallet chains, flannel shirts — in favor of a less-ironic (but still pretty ironic) embrace of bland, suburban anti-fashion attire.
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