Károl Gáspár University of the Reformed Church

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Kickback Tickets
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Killing a Patient to Save His Life
PITTSBURGH — Trauma patients arriving at an emergency room here after sustaining a gunshot or knife wound may find themselves enrolled in a startling medical experiment. Surgeons will drain their blood and replace it with freezing saltwater.
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A lightweight JSON storage service with synchronisation and sharing abilities
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Kivy Programming Guide
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KNACSS, a simple and lightweight CSS framework
KNACSS, a simple and lightweight CSS framework
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Simplify dynamic JavaScript UIs by applying the Model-View-View Model (MVVM) pattern
Know Nothing
Nick Spencer begins his spirited history of atheism with a fairy tale. Once upon a time, people lived in ignorant superstition, offering sacrifices to monsters in the sky.
Know Your Engines at OReilly Velocity 2011
Know-Nothing Investing: Index Funds For Beginners
I don’t know about you, but despite my repeated attempts to fully understand and grasp how investing in the stock market works, I’m still pretty clueless. I fancy myself a moderately intelligent, business savvy guy, so I would think I’d be able to wrap my mind around this stuff, but I can’t.
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Koa HTML Minifier
Middleware that minifies your HTML responses using html-minifier. It uses html-minifier's default options which are all turned off by default, so you have to set the options otherwise it's not going to do anything.
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Kobe’s Beautiful Madness: Understanding the Lakers’ Absurd Present and Unknowable Future
Watching the Lakers right now is honestly unlike anything I can remember in my NBA life. They have transcended basketball and become some meta public art piece that we can all enjoy.
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