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Kaplan Clean Tech Education is the leader in clean energy vocational training and exam prep for NABCEP Certification, BPI Certification, and LEED.
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Kaspersky Lab | Antivirus Protection & Internet Security Software
Antivirus and Internet Security software for home or business. The world's fastest antivirus updates. Free virus scan and antivirus trial downloads.
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Kayako helpdesk software
Simple customer service software that scales with your business. Kayako makes it easy to deliver an unrivalled customer support experience.
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Keanu is a micro-lib for animation on Canvas/JS.
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Keep Moving
In the car the recruit keeps his headphones on. They are a pair of large white Beats by Dre and they are made starker by his dark dreadlocks. I ask him what other schools he is considering, but his music is so loud he can't hear me.
Tool to monitor indicators related to performance of a web page.
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Kendrick Lamar, Hip-Hop’s Newest Old-School Star
‘Everybody just wants to have fun, be with the scene,” Kendrick Lamar said when we met in his cramped quarters inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn last fall. “Certain people get backstage, people that you would never expect. . . .
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