Jiwaji University

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Jobu University
Jodhpur National University
Joetsu University of Education
Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main
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John F. Kennedy University
Johns Hopkins University
Johns Hopkins University, SAIS Bologna Center
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JointJS JavaScript Diagramming Library
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
Jones College
Jönköping University College
Jönköping University College of Health Sciences
Jordan Academy of Music / Higher Institute of Music
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Josai University
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Josh Gordon and the NFL’s Drug Problem
Back in May, news leaked that Pro Bowl Browns receiver Josh Gordon had tested positive for marijuana. He had done so before, as a rookie, and then tested positive for codeine a year ago. With this, his third offense, he’s facing a yearlong ban from the NFL.
Józef Tyszkiewicz College of Business and Computer Science in Bielsko-Biala
Józef Tyszkiewicz College of Business and Computer Science in Bielsko-Biala
JPEGmini Photo Server
JPEGmini Photo Server is an image optimization server which runs on Amazon EC2 (commercial).
Utility to optimize/compress JPEG files.
jPlayer is the completely free and open source (MIT) media library written in JavaScript.
jQTouch is a Zepto/jQuery plugin for mobile web development on the iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, and other forward-thinking devices.
jquer.in is a curated collection of jQuery plugins.
jQuery CDN – Latest Stable Versions, powered by MaxCDN.
jQuery Address
jQuery Addresspicker
jQuery Application Architecture Chart
jQuery File Upload
jQuery Fundamentals
jQuery Gantt editor
jQuery Knob
jQuery Mobile
Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets
jQuery Mobile Boostrap
A jQuery Mobile theme based on Twitter Bootstrap
jQuery Mobile Pagination Plugin
jQuery NiceScroll
jQuery Picture
jQuery Plugin Development Boilerplate
jQuery Recurrence Input
jQuery Retina Display Plugin
jQuery Screen
jQuery Super Labels
jQuery Timing
jQuery TOC
jQuery Transit
Super-smooth CSS3 transformations and transitions for jQuery.
jQuery UI Bootstrap
jQuery UI Bootstrap
jQuery Wiki Page Plugins/Authoring
A lightweight plugin for kinetic-drag on mobile/desktop.
jQWidgets is jQuery based framework and set of widgets for building web-based applications that work on PC, Touch and Mobile devices
JS Robots
JS Touch Layer
jsAnim is a powerful, yet easy to use library for adding impressive animations to websites, without sacrificing standards or accessibility. Weighing in at just under 25 kilobytes, jsAnim packs a lot of punch for such a little application.
JSBooks - directory of free javascript ebooks
JScript Memory Leaks
Similar to Google Hosted Libraries, jsDelivr is an open source CDN that allows developers to host their own projects and anyone to link to our hosted files in their websites.
JSHint for more flexible static analysis of JavaScript programs.
JShrink is a PHP class that minifies javascript so that it can be delivered to the client quicker.
JSLint for detecting errors or problems by static analysis of JavaScript programs.
JSLint Error Explanations
JSLint Error Explanations for explanations of the warnings given by JSLint and JSHint.
JSLitmus is a lightweight tool for creating ad-hoc JavaScript benchmark tests.
JSO - a Javascript OAuth Library
JSON Query Language
JSON Query Language is a query and processing language specifically designed for the popular JSON data model.
jsPerf aims to provide an easy way to create and share test cases, comparing the performance of different JavaScript snippets by running benchmarks.
jsPerf the JavaScript performance playground
reference library and package manager
jSwipeKinetic is a jQuery plugin that enables you to add kinetic scrolling on your touch optimized projects. jSwipeKinetic is build on top of jGestures (jgestues.codeplex.com).
Jubail Industrial College
Jubail University College
Judson College
Jumeira University
Jumpstart UI
Another catalog for paid themes
Juniata College
Juntendo University
Just Enough Ruby to Get By