Ahlulbait International University
Al Maarif University College
Al Mamon University College
Al Mansour University College
Al Muthanna University
Al Nahrain University
Al Rafidain University College
Al Rasheed University College
Alsadrain University
Al Turath University College
Al Yarmouk University College
American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (Kurdistan Region)
Baghdad College of Economic Sciences University
Baghdad College of Pharmacy
British Royal University
Cihan University
College of Science, Baghdad University
Dijla University College
Diyala University
Hawler Medical University
Iraq University College
Ishik University
Kerbala University
Komar University of Science and Technology
Koya University (Kurdistan Region)
Madenat Alelem University College
Misan University
Nawroz University
Salahddin University (Kurdistan Region)
Soran University
Thi Qar University
Tikrit University
Uinversity of Babylon
University of Al-Qadisiyah
University of Anbar
University of Baghdad
University of Basrah
University of Dohuk (Kurdistan Region)
University of Human Development (Kurdistan Region)
University of Kirkuk
University of Kufa
University of Kurdistan - Hawler
University of Mosul
University of Mustansiriyah
University of Sulaimania (Kurdistan Region)
University of Technology - Iraq
University of Wassit

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