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Cognitive celebrity
Before he died, Albert Einstein requested that his whole body be cremated as soon as possible after death, and his ashes scattered in an undisclosed location. He didn’t want his mortal remains to be turned into a shrine, but his request was only partially heeded.
Cohabit - A new way to manage shared living.
Build better habits in cohabitation and reduce roommate tension with the Cohabit mobile app (now in development). Cohabit makes task-sharing, household management and roomie communication fun and rewarding—sign up below and follow us at @GetCohabit to be the first to get the app! Winner of the popular vote and grand prize at Startup Weekend San Francisco #SWwomenSF 2013. Learn more at !
Cohealo | Pioneering collaborative consumption in healthcare
Cohealo is a software platform that enables unparalleled levels of collaboration in health systems, dramatically increasing equipm...
Coherent Path – Drive Greater Customer Loyalty.Coherent Path | Optimizing the Customer Journey
Using a patented, cloud-based combination of mathematics and technology, Coherent Path builds maps of product and transactional environments and identifies unique customer journeys through these geometric spaces.
Coinalytics - Blockchain Intelligence
We use the Bitcoin network to help you send and receive money with ease.
Coinigy - Professional Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
Coinigy is a Professional Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading Platform- Trade on all bitcoin exchanges through one account. Bitcoin value, charts, trading and more.
coire | musical interaction
coJuvo - Your virtual college admissions guide
We've put everything you need to know about college admissions into one easy-to-use, comprehensive, month-by-month guide. We make sure you know about all the important steps, dates and requirements and we'll connect you to all the right resources. You will sigh with relief.Get the coJuvo mobile app for Android and iPhone now!Look for us on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook!
Coker College
Discover Independent and Emerging Designers
Colby College
Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración (CESA)
Colegio de San Juan de Letran
Colgate University
Colingo | Practice English
Collaboration & Project Management for Mobile Teams |
The first micro-collaboration platform for today’s mobile workforce. It’s simple, secure, and free to get started. For iPhone, Android & desktop Web.
Collaborative Statistics
Collabtive is a web-based project management software published as free software. It provides an open source alternative to proprietary tools like Basecamp.
This plugin for jQuery will arrange your images to fit exactly within a container.
Collective Consciousness App
Collective Idea // Collective Idea | Crafting web and mobile software based in Holland, Michigan
We are a small, agile software-development team driven to find solutions beyond code. Based in Holland, MI, we make our clients more productive and their processes more efficient.
College Athletes of the World, Unite
When I played basketball for UCLA, I learned the hard way how the NCAA’s refusal to pay college athletes impacted our daily lives.
Collège Boréal
College Cash Back
College in Sládkovičovo
College Inside View
College Labor | No hassle, quick and reliable help for less!
College of Business Management ( CBM )
College of Busniess Admnistration
College of Charleston
College of Computer Science in Lodz
College of Dunaujvaros
College of Eastern Utah
College of Education Ikere
College of Education Oju
College of Europe
College of Management
College of New Caledonia
College of Nursing and Allied Health Scinces
College of Saint Benedict
College of Saint Catherine
College of Saint Rose
College of Science, Baghdad University
College of St. Francis
College of St. Scholastica
College of Technology at Abha
College of Technology at Dammam
College of Technology at Jazan
College of Technology at Jeddah
College of Technology at Kharj
College of Technology at Riyadh
College of Telecommunication & Information
College of the Atlantic
College of the Holy Cross
College of the Holy Spirit
College of the Rockies
College of William and Mary
College Startup | The global voice for student entrepreneurship.
Collegium Civitas
Collete Racing | American Racing Driver Pursuing INDYCAR
This is the standard home page. You can see this text if you choose the default page template for your home page. To display the sections,...
Collie is a Javascript library that helps to create highly optimized animations and games using HTML 5.
Collie - high performance Animation library
Collusion - Drawing and sharing tool for everyday collaborations
Collusion lets you easily develop and communicate your ideas with zero setup - minimise meetings and email chains, maximise your productivity
Cologne Business School
Color and Date Picker
Color Scheme Designer
find resonate colors for a great design.
Color Talking | creating online lifestyle for Bangladeshi web audiences
Color Tiger - Anymote Home
Colorado Christian University
Colorado College
Colorado Green Tours – Full Service Cannabis Friendly Travel Agency and Tour Operator - Colorado Green is Your Full Service Cannabis-Friendly Colorado Travel and Tour Agency – Call +1(855) 933-3868 (Weed-Tour) to book Now!
Colorado School of Mines
Colorado State University
ColorEight | Beyond what is visible
Color Eight
Columbia College
Columbia College Chicago
Columbia Southern University
Columbia Union College
Columbia University
Columbus Nova Technology Partners
Columbus Nova Technology Partners (CNTP) is a global technology investment firm combining the best attributes of venture capital and private equity operating out of Silicon Valley and New York.
Columbus University
Columnal | A responsive CSS grid system helping desktop and mobile browsers play nicely together.
CombImmune is a medical oncology and diagnostic company which intends to design and market novel immunotherapeutic and diagnostic tools related to the oncology and hematology marketplace. CombImmune represents a new paradigm in immunotherapy drug-development as well as diagnostic tumor-type prognostication. CombImmune's mission is to utilize prognostic and predictive biomarkers which inform us about the immune dysfunction to the tumor infilitration in combination with therapeutics which restore immune function and destruction of the tumor.
Combinator Recipes for Working With Objects in JavaScript
Combunity is Coming Soon
Comcast’s deal with Netflix makes network neutrality obsolete
For the past two decades, the Internet has operated as an unregulated, competitive free market. Given the tendency of networked industries to lapse into monopoly—think of AT&T's 70-year hold over telephone service, for example—that's a minor miracle.
Come, Let's Play: Scenario-Based Programming Using Live Sequence Charts
Come2Play - Social Gaming Networks
Comenius University in Bratislava - Comestiibles, le premier moteur de recherche dédié à la cuisine et au vin!
La mission de Comestiibles est de devenir le meilleur moteur de recherche culinaire et oenologique du monde. Exhaustif, simple et précis, Comestiibles vous donne accès à toutes les recettes de cuisine disponibles sur internet, à leurs ingrédients, aux vins qui peuvent les accompagner et aux menus des restaurants qui proposent ces recettes. Pour vous faire gagner du temps, Comestiibles vous permet de commander les ingrédients de la recette que vous avez sélectionnée mais aussi de vous faire livrer ce plat, de réserver une table dans le restaurant le plus proche, ou de commander la bouteille qui accompagnera votre repas.