Compiling Techniques
F.R.A. Hopgood, Macdonald, 1969

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Chimani: Enhancing the Outdoors
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China youth college for political science - Gadgets with Free Shipping Online Store
The Best Accessories for GoPro, Apple, Samsung, Playstation and much more....
Chinatown’s Kitchen Network
In a strip mall on a rural stretch of Maryland’s Indian Head Highway, a gaudy red façade shaped like a pagoda distinguishes a Chinese restaurant from a line of bland storefronts: a nail salon, a liquor store, and a laundromat.
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Chinook Book
Chippp | Welcome - Let's teach the machines to sing
A new way to connect stuff. Chirp is a new system for connecting devices. It works by turning web links into audio.
Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology
chocolate peanut butter cheesecake
This birthday cake was assigned to the side of the family whose dessert preferences can be roughly summarized as chocolate + anything else, but if that “else” were cheesecake, coffee, peanut butter or raspberries, all the better, thank you very much.
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Choosing a framework
Choozer | The Power of Your Brand Meets the Power of Your Network
Choozle: The SIMPLE Programmatic Marketing Platform
Choozle is a programmatic ad buying solution that connects marketers with big data insights and real-time bidding across display, social, mobile and video.
chosen is a library for making long, unwieldy select boxes more friendly.
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Chris Pirillo
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Christian Crowdfunding - FaithLauncher · FaithLauncher
Fund projects collaboratively and become part of something bigger. Promote a collective catharsis! You're the missing part in this story.
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Christopher Nolan: the man who rebooted the blockbuster
In early spring of 2013, Christopher Nolan and his crew were scouting for locations in Iceland – looking for glaciers that could stand in for the icy wastes of a distant planet in Nolan’s new film, Interstellar. They were on foot, the terrain proving inaccessible by car through freezing rain.
Chromance - Trust Science Not Coincidence
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Chronicle of a Riot Foretold in Ferguson
FERGUSON, Missouri—For a hundred and eight days, through the suffocating heat that turned the city into a kiln, through summer thunderstorms and the onset of an early winter, through bureaucratic callousness and the barbs of cynics who held that the effort was of no use and the prickly fear that t
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Chui Doorbell
The World's Most Intelligent Doorbell
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Chukles Social Humor | Privately Share Funny Stuff
Find and share humor and funny videos, pics, jokes, and more! Get your daily dose of laughs, comedy, and hilarious stuff from your friends and allies.
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Cialfo - Be College Ready
1000+ students have made it to: Princeton, Columbia, Wharton, Oxford and more. Learn how YOU can make it too !
CiDrep Informatics | Better Data. Better Knowledge. Better Care.™
Ciel Bleu Footwear | For active professional women.
Athletic inspired footwear for the active professional woman. Shoes that fit your life, your style, your feet. Wear your passion.
cielo24 media data solutions, including, searchable captions, indexes and transcripts at low cost, high quality and available within hours. Video SEO
Cienaga Systems offer predictive, evolutionary cyber security solutions that are not reliant on signatures, samples or baselines