University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy
Harbin University of Civil Engineering & Architecture
Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Aarhus School of Architecture
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture
Ecole d'Architecture de Nancy
School of Planning and Architecture
Kamalolmolk Art & Architecture Higher Education Institute of Noshahr
University Institute of Architecture Venice
Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transportation and Architecture
Ecole Nationale d'Architecture
Oslo School of Architecture
Institute of Architecture "Ion Mincu" Bucharest
Kazan State Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Samara State Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering
St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building
Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts
Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (VolgGASU)
Kharkiv State Technical University of Construction and Architecture
Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture
Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture
Hanoi University of Architecture
Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture
Methodology aimed at achieving fast to develop long-lived projects, team scalability, and code reuse.
Atomic Design
Atomic Design: Some Thoughts and One Example
Atomic Design Makes Me Feel Like a Chemist
Polymer Project
Polymer is a new type of library for the web, built on top of Web Components, and designed to leverage the evolving web platform on modern browsers.
Video: Web Components: A Tectonic Shift for Web Development
Video: Web Components in Action
Aura is an event-driven architecture for developing scalable applications using reusable widgets.
Hydra is an easy-to-use framework that provides you with the necessary tools to create scalable applications using modules and widgets.
provides you a Scalable Javascript Architecture, that helps you to modularize your jQuery/Zepto Code in a very intuitive and natural way
Patterns For Large-Scale JavaScript Application Architecture
Video: Nicholas Zakas: Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture
Book: Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
Book: Single page apps in depth
Book: Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS
jQuery Application Architecture Chart
How To Manage Large jQuery Apps
Comparison between different Observer Pattern implementations
Architizer - Explore, Collect and Source architecture & interiors
Architizer connects architects to a vibrant network of peers, fans, and potential clients.

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Architizer - Explore, Collect and Source architecture & interiors
Architizer connects architects to a vibrant network of peers, fans, and potential clients. Datasets
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Archy is an app for OS X that let you share and admin your Google Drive files with easy.
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Arduino Programming Notebook
Brian Evans
Are Manning and Brady Cheating? How Rule Changes Have Helped Extend a Rivalry
Did you enjoy the misleading headline we came up with to generate traffic and rig Google results, only it’s a complete misrepresentation from what I wrote this week? What a farce, right? We’ll never do that again, right?
Are You Ready for the Big-Man Renaissance?
For a long time now, it’s been popular to worry about the decline of big men in the NBA. Lately, it hasn’t even been a worry. It’s just a fact. It happened for a couple different reasons. The NBA eliminated handcheck rules, which made it easier for guards to be the focal point of the offense.
Arellano University
Arena Soft - Business Intelligence and Reporting Qubic Business Intelligence
Creating Business Intelligence Data Analytics With OLAP Cubes, Schemas, Charts, Reports, Prepared Reports, Query Builders and Grids. Qubic Business
Argo helps teams ask questions about their data from cloud services to make smarter, data-driven decisions. Enjoy a collaborative data discovery experience without requiring a background in data science.
ArgoFund | Mission Driven Commercial Lending Marketplace
Arhangelsk State Technical University
Aria Institute of Higher Education
Arid Agriculture University
Ariel University Center of Samaria
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Arithmetic by Kenneth E Iverson
Arizona State University
Arizona State University West
Arizona Western College
Arkansas State University, Jonesboro
Arkansas Tech University
Armed Forces Academy of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik
Armenian State Agrarian University
Armenian State University of Economics
Armstrong State College
Around The Way App: Find Black-Owned Businesses Near You!
Ars Tag | Ars taggat artem
Art Galleries NYC | Art Apps | Art local | New York Art Galleries
ARTLOCAL is completely free to download and use for all art lovers. Art galleries that wish to use ARTLOCAL as a marketing, sales, and data we offer a variety
Art University
Artcode Interactive is a digital media company located in Vancouver, BC. We specialize in interactive games, apps, and software development.
ArtCorgi -Commission a Custom Portrait, Illustration or Cartoon
Commission a custom drawing, cartoon, illustration, digital painting, caricature, or work of pop art from an artist and print it in any manner you please.
ArtGuru - Turn your smartphone into an Art Guru
Arthur C Clarke Institute of Modern Technologies
Artica Creative Computing
Articulate - E-Learning Software and Authoring Tools
Create e-learning with stunningly simple, remarkably powerful authoring software from Articulate. Used by 48,000+ top organizations worldwide. Try free for 30 days.
Artida - the cutest characters, coloring books, T-shirts and fun!
Artificial Intelligence - Foundation of Computational Agents
Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning
Andrew Ng *(Notes, lectures, and problems)*
Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach
Artificial Intelligence Solutions - Amherst, NY
Artiphon. The musical instrument redesigned.
Artiphon creates portable, intuitive instruments for mobile music-making
Artipic Image Editing System
Artipic is a state-of-the-art image editing system that allows you to quickly and easily retouch, compose and distribute your pictures
Artisan Council
Artist Designed Canvas Shoes - BucketFeet
BucketFeet - Artist Designed Footwear
Artist Management & Music Publishing | Fruitful Music Group
Fruitful Music Group is an artist management firm, music management and music publishing company based in Nashville, Tennessee.
Artist Management Software: Artist, booking agency, Festival
Professional Artist Management Software. Planning and promotion platform for artists, artist managers, booking agencies and festival organizers - Beatswitch
Arts, Sciences and Technology University
Artsly - Free arts & crafts video lessons. Available on App Store.
Discover free video lessons in crafts, music, hair styling, food decoration on Artsly. Start following your artistic passions, download Artsly from App Store.