Afghan University
Al-Birony University
American University of Afghanistan
Aria Institute of Higher Education
Badakhshan University
Baghlan University
Bakhtar University
Balkh University
Bamiyan University
Bost University
Dawat University
Dunya Institute of Higher Education
Faryab Higher Education Institute
Ghazni University
Herat University
Ibn Sina University
Jawzjan University
Kaboora Institute of Higher Education
Kabul Education University
Kabul Health Sciences Institute
Kabul Medical University
Kabul University
Kandahar University
Kardan University
Karwan Institute of Higher Education
Kateb Institute of Higher Education
Khana-e-Noor Institute of Higher Education
Khurasan University
Maryam Institute of Higher Education
Nangarhar University
National Military Academy of Afghanistan
Paktia University
Pamir University
Parwan University
Polytechnical University of Kabul
Rana Institute of Higher Education
Sadat Institute of Higher Education
Salam University
Shaikh Zayed University
Takhar University

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