DECIBEL: The Best Mobile Speaker In The World
Decibel is a mobile speaker and the first of a new generation of technology products. it comes with 2 powerful 2 inch bass drivers. It can be easily upgrade
Understand what is QLED, Samsung’s New TV Technology
QLED, Samsung’s New TV Technology. The name change from SUHD to QLED is a branding and marketing move. QLED is totally Different From OLED. Quantum dot TV.
Sony’s Digital Paper is Just Like Paper, Barring The Price
Sony’s Digital Paper: handheld letter-size device. It lets you easily and securely access files, make and upload handwritten notes and annotated documents.
Pebby: An Advanced Smartball That Babysits Your Pet
An Advanced Smartball That Babysits Your Pet. It comes with your choice of EASYfix magnetic caps. So you can customize the look of your Pebby.
StringPad Headphones Adds Motion To Your Sound
StrindPad: Technology combines dynamic speaker drivers and built-in bone conductors. It has developed and built headset that makes it possible for users to feel the digital world.