Flir Announced Thermal Cameras for Phones, Drones and Homes
The Flir Duo is a compact, lightweight, dual-sensor thermal and visible light imager designed for drones. The Duo will be available for $999.
Elago Unveils An Apple Watch Stand with a Vintage Mac Look
Elago W3 Apple Watch stand is an attractive piece because it transforms your smartwatch into a vintage Macintosh computer.
Meitu - A Photo-editing App for Beautifying your Pictures
Are you tired of photo-editing apps like Prisma? There is a new photo-editing app in the market that is going viral called Meitu.
LG’s New W7 OLED TV is as Thin as a Wallpaper
LG is pushing really hard at CES 2017 and has launched its signature W7 series of OLED screens at a perfect time. LG will begin shipping in March.
LG G6 - Things to know About LG’s Upcoming Flagship Smartphone
LG's next flagship smartphone will be called the G6, and will probably appear in the next few weeks. Here is everything we know about LG G6.
Norton Core Router - Powerful and Secure WiFi is Now a Thing
Norton is one of the most popular security software. The parent company Symantec just introduced its first home router called Norton Core.
REMI - Your Child’s Best Friend when it Comes to Sleep Routines
REMI is a smart, customizable sleep companion that goes to sleep with your baby and wakes up with them in the morning. Available for pre-order on Indiegogo.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Set to Release This Year
The rumors suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be priced at $850 and the phone is set to launch in the end of April. Stay Tuned.!
Top 5 Headphones Under $50 for 2017
There are a lot of reasons why you might not want to spend too much on a pair of headphones. We are listing the top 5 headphones under $50.
CTRL The Robot - The World’s Handiest Robot Launched at CES 2017
CTRL the Robot, is a robot arm that looks every bit as impressive at the big industrial robots costing several hundred thousand dollars.
Oppo R9s - Oppo goes a Step Ahead with its New Flagship
The latest, the Oppo R9s, is now launching outside China for the first time and represents another step forward, albeit a subtle one.
Volta V - An Elegant Computer for your Home or Office
The Volta V is like a handmade hardwood furniture with customizable PC components. It is the first commercially-produced handcrafted wooden computer.
Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound 1 Wireless Speaker Sounds Magnificent
BeoSound 1 is a wireless speaker with an impressive 360-degree sound performance. It supports everything from Google Cast to Bluetooth to AirPlay and DLNA.
Avoid Dodgy Cables Using Satechi’s USB Type-C
The Satechi Type-C Power Meter is available from Satechi’s website and Amazon for $30 and will cost you about £35 if you want to ship it to the UK.
GRIFF 300 - GRIFF Aviation's Game Changing Drone
Norwegian-based Griff Aviation recently announced Griff 300 - an impressive looking drone that extremely high performing too.
Top 5 Desktop PCs you can Choose From in 2017
Desktop PCs are used by a lot of people these days because of the variety and options it has to offer. Here are Top 5 desktop PCs that you can buy in 2017.
Motiv Ring - Functionality of a Fitness Band in a Ring
Do you like wearables but hate wearing smartwatches? Motiv has the answer in the form of a wearable that you place on your finger called Motiv Ring.
With It’s Mission Line, Endless has Entered the U.S. Market
The Endless Mission Mini is priced at $129 while Mission One will be retailed at $249. Both are available on Amazon and directly from the company.
Ping - The Bluetooth GPS Locator to Help you Locate your Belongings
Ping is a bluetooth tracker that helps you find your loved ones and belongings in order for you to get to know where exactly they are.
BlackPods is a Company Making Premium Custom AirPods
BlackPods apparently both the name of the company and the end product are same. It Offers a treatment where it converts white AirPods into a BlackPods.
Gita - The Personal Cargo-carrying Robot by Piaggio
It was designed by a new startup within the broader Piaggio group of brands, called Piaggio Fast Forward. Gita was launched on February 2nd, in Boston.
MW50 - Master & Dynamic’s New On-ear Headphone is a Bit Costly
Masters & Dynamic's latest Bluetooth headphones, the on-ear MW50, feature a classic design executed with luxurious materials.
SELFLY is a Cheap, Flying Phone Case Drone Camera
SELFLY is an autonomous flying camera which doubles as a phone case. SELFLY is a new concept that allows anyone to take hands-free photos on the go.
HP Spectre x360 15 - A Convertible Laptop with a 4K Display
If you prefer a larger screen on your 2-in-1, the 15-inch HP Spectre x360 15 stands out from the pack. It comes with a really good keyboard and trackpad.
MIT's Wearable AI can Detect a Conversation’s Tone
MIT has come up with a wearable AI system that can detect a conversation’s tone. It can tell whether the person you’re talking to is happy or sad.
Sentinel Robotic System by Trapezium Technologies
The Sentinel Robotic System is a semi-autonomous telepresence robotic system that can be deployed to aid an officer in conducting a traffic stop.
Hater - A Dating App that Helps you find a Date Based on your Dislikes
Hater is a dating app that matches you with other users based on things you both hate. The app is amassed about 200,000 users in the US and abroad.
The Top 5 Smartphones you can Expect at MWC 2017
We’re just a week away from MWC 2017. Mobile World Congress, which is the biggest trade show for smartphones, is kicking off on February 27.
Bimoz Smart eBike Drive Turns Any Bicycle into an Electric Bike
The Bimoz is a lightweight and easy-to-use smart e-bike drive that weighs less than 2kg including its rechargeable battery.
PogoCam is the World’s Smallest, Attachable Camera for your Eyeglasses
PogoCam is the smallest look and shoot camera in the world attachable to eyewear. PogoCam is simple to use. You just have to “Look and shoot”
Velop - A High-performing Modular Wi-Fi System for your Smart Home
The Linksys Velop is a whole-home Wi-Fi or mesh-router system that uses several routers that work together to extend the range of your Wi-Fi signal.
Lenovo Miix 510 - An Almost Surface Pro Clone at $600
Lenovo Miix 510 is composed of two parts: a tablet portion and a detachable keyboard. It looks like a worthy opponent to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4.
Take Perfect Selfies with Meitu’s New T8 Smartphone
The new Meitu T8 smartphone can help erase your dark undereye circles, whiten your teeth, and give you a goddess-like highlight.
RunIQ - First Android Wear Smartwatch for Runners
New Balance just recently released its first Android Wear smartwatch, the RunIQ. It is currently available on Amazon in two colors: Black and Grey.
The Top 5 Exciting Announcements at MWC 2017 Press Conference
Mobile World Congress (MWC 2017) in Barcelona. Here are some of the most exciting announcements made on February 26 at the MWC Press Conference.
Galaxy Book Tablets - The Second Wave of Hybrids from Samsung
The new 12-inch Samsung Galaxy Book is the latest tablet. It’s 10-inch version offers lesser specs but is nice enough. It weighs around 1.6 pounds.
Sony Announces Xperia XZ Premium at MWC 2017
Sony's now stepped up itself with the announcement of Xperia XZ Premium at MWC 2017, the world's first phone with a 4K HDR screen.
Polaroid revealed new 3D printers and pens at CES 2017
Polaroid announced several new products at CES 2017. 3 new desktop printers. Auto-calibration & Built-in Wifi. Monitor using your smartphone. 3D Pens.
RetroBlox: World’s first modular HD retro game console
The RetroBlox will come with an optical drive to support discs from both the PS1 and Sega CD in addition to the cartridges and Turbo Chips, unlike the RetroN and Game Freak. The console is also supposed to support modes like online, connectivity, a modern user interface.
At Cafe X, A Robot Makes Your Coffee According to Your Preference.
Cafe X is a new line of coffee shop automating make food and to serve it. Cafe X launched first in Hong Kong and raised $5 million in venture funding.
Dell XPS 13 2-in-1: A Flexible And Portable Hybrid
This version of the XPS 13 adds a hybrid hinge and thinner body. The nearly bezel-free display makes maximum use of space. The starting price is reasonable.
Top 5 Gaming Laptops For Unmatched Gaming Experience
Top 5 Gaming Laptop of 2017: Razor Blade Pro, Alienware 13, HP Omen, MSI GT62VR Dominator Pro-005, Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming
HTC’s New Flagships U Ultra and Play Have Arrived
HTC’s new flagships U Ultra and Play has Similar designs, gorilla glass 5, 16 megapixel front facing a camera, great storage capacity, good Battery Life.
Soundwall Nova: Stream Music From a Work of Art.
Soundwall allows you to stream your favorite music wirelessly from a beautiful work of art. Soundwall produces natural sound from flat-panel speakers made.
Lenovo’s New Yoga Convertible Laptops Pack Remarkably Fast Graphics
Lenovo’s New Yoga 720 Convertible laptop has Outstanding Style & Flexibility. It has Core i7 Processors with Dynamic Features at $1,100.
Porsche Design Reveals 2-in-1 at The Mobile World Congress 2017
Porsche Design Computing revealed the Book One 2-in-1 device sporting Windows 10 Pro at Mobile World Congress 2017. It Comes with Cortana. Shipping in April
StreetChange Helps You Donate Necessities To Nearby Homeless People
StreetChange allows its users to make small donations toward the wish lists of homeless people living in Philadelphia. The app was created by Andrew Siegel and Dan Treglia.

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