Meizu H1 Band - A Unibody Health and Fitness Tracker
The Meizu H1 Band is formed as a unibody design, so the main casing is not detachable from the strap. It is available for purchase on Meizu’s website.
POMO Waffle - The Most Fashionable GPS Smartwatch for Kids
The POMO Waffle is smartwatch for kids that can be personalized with additional ‘toppings’ and over 15 cartoon character designs to suit any personality.
Motiv Ring - Functionality of a Fitness Band in a Ring
Do you like wearables but hate wearing smartwatches? Motiv has the answer in the form of a wearable that you place on your finger called Motiv Ring.
MIT's Wearable AI can Detect a Conversation’s Tone
MIT has come up with a wearable AI system that can detect a conversation’s tone. It can tell whether the person you’re talking to is happy or sad.
PogoCam is the World’s Smallest, Attachable Camera for your Eyeglasses
PogoCam is the smallest look and shoot camera in the world attachable to eyewear. PogoCam is simple to use. You just have to “Look and shoot”
RunIQ - First Android Wear Smartwatch for Runners
New Balance just recently released its first Android Wear smartwatch, the RunIQ. It is currently available on Amazon in two colors: Black and Grey.
Spacemap Launched The First Ever Removable 360 Wrist Camera
Spacemap's Beoncam: Removable 360 Wrist Camera, Compact Design, Waterproof Casing. Beoncam is a 360° + 190° wearable panoramic camera with 5MP.
Dagadam Watch Is Designed To Be The Future of Smartwatches
Dagadam smartwatch has comfortable and ergonomic design perfectly. watch is designed in order to fit an active lifestyle. Apps for both iOS and Android.
Kingii Wearable - Smallest Inflatable In The World
Kingii wristband is the best smartest wearable for water sports. You can take it with you while swimming, fishing, kayaking and snorkling.
CaptoGlove: First Usable Virtual Reality Wearable Gaming Control
First Usable Virtual Reality Wearable Gaming Control. CaptoGlove Uses smart sensors. Platform/Device Agnostic. It is Plug & Play wearable.
Huawei Watch 2 Now Arrives In The US
The Huawei Watch 2 is trying to up the level with more connectivity options, Android Wear 2.0 and a sporty new look. The 1.2-inch display, Huawei Wear app.
The Dot: A Braille Smartwatch For The Visually Impaired
The DOT Smartwatch is the entry device into the assistive technology market. The main focus of Dot is to improve the braille literacy rates by an average of over 90%.
Haikara: A Perfect Smartwatch for Fashion Loving People
The Haikara watch was designed by Harri Koskinen. Use the Haikara app to select only the most important alert of the day - a phone call, email, event or an instant message.
ZeTime: A Hybrid Smartwatch That Combines Analogue Hands With Digital Face
ZeTime mechanical hands can function for up to 30 days with a single charge. ZeTime watch comes with an intuitive navigation on a full-color TFT touchscreen.
ORII: A Smart Ring That lets You Hear And Talk Through Your Finger
ORII is stylish and spy-ish. ORII is the world's first voice-powered smart ring. ORII turns your finger into a smart phone...
Ticwatch S and Ticwatch E Are Powered By Android Wear
With Ticwatch S & E, you can control everything from your wrist so you don't have to break a sweat. This can be done while you are on the go.
Neuroon Open: A Wearable That Wakes You Up Feeling Energized
Neuroon Open allows you to choose out of which phase of sleep you’d like to wake up. For some people the optimal phase to be woken out of is light sleep.
Project Jacquard: Now You Will Be Able To Wear A Connected Denim
The Project Jacquard is a Google initiative in partnership with Levi’s. Levi’s is the first brand to join forces with Google on this amazing wearable.
QardioCore: A Water-Resistant Wearable That Records ECG/EKG
The product is named QardioCore. The QardioCore was originally announced in CES 2015, but now it is available for ordering.
Movado Connect: The Latest Expensive Android Wear In The Smartwatch Market
The Movado Connect is the flagship device. Movado is the fifth largest watch brand in the world. Movado launched another smartwatch last...
Epson ProSense Outshines All Other GPS Running Watches
Epson is already a leader in producing sensors and the ProSense range reinstates that reputation once again. But, matching its brilliance...
Intel Vaunt: The New Augmented Reality Smart Glass
Intel has just revealed Vaunt, the new augmented reality (AR) smart glasses that came with the promise of more unobtrusive viewing.