QuadBot - 3D Printable Walking Robot to Teach you Code
Based in London UK, EngiMake has created the QuadBot to give anyone the opportunity to make their own robot! It is available on kickstarter now.
Meizu’s Pro 6 Plus is Full of Surprises
Meizu, the Chinese electronics company, just announced the Pro 6 Plus, which is a high-powered version of the Pro 6 flagship phone released last year.
Canopy - A Sleek Keyboard Case for iOS Devices
A Texas-based company called Studio Neat is going to release a new case for Apple’s Magic Keyboard named Canopy at the price of just $40.
FlowMotion ONE – The End of Shaky Videos
FlowMotion ONE is a smartphone stabilizer that eliminates all shaking and vibrations and lets you capture smooth and cinematic videos with your smartphone.
Eon Scooter - The World’s Most Powerful Electric Scooter!

The Eon Scooter models are designed with stunning looks and a durable system for all ages and riders of all sizes. You can pre-order on Indiegogo now.
SprayPrinter Declares War Against Blank Walls with SprayPrinter 2
SprayPrinter is the smart spray paint technology that lets your spray can do the thinking. It is currently looking to bring in additional funding.
SPUD – The Spontaneous Pop-Up Display
SPUD is the only high resolution, 24-inch display with an awesome benefit of ultra-portability. It is available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $399.
ChargEST - World’s Smallest Universal Travel Adapter
ChargEST is world’s smallest travel adapter whose design elements of are fairly simple but highly functional. It can be preordered on IndieGoGo.
Pup - The Connected Pocket Scanner to Scan Faster
Pup is a connected and easy-to-use pocket scanner to push all your papers in 1 clic to your mailbox, your dropbox or your computer.
reMarkable - An E Ink Tablet to Replace your Notebook
The reMarkable tablet is a tablet that plans to replace paper. This E Ink tablet is available for pre-order at an early bird price of $379.
Sevenhugs Smart Remote to Control all your Devices
The Sevenhugs smart remote is a product that lets you instantly control devices like TVs, media players, speakers, lights, thermostats, and much more.
Awair Glow - Tracks Air Quality and Lights your Path to Clean Air
Awair Glow tracks toxins and chemicals in your air and gives you personalized recommendations to help you stay safe and healthy.
Airselfie - A Pocket Drone for Selfie Lovers
Airselfie is a ground-breaking device that lets you take aerial snaps directly from your phone. It is the thinnest and lightest HD flying camera.
X-Connect - One Cable for all your Phones and USB Devices
The ASAP x-connect will be available in three different colors: Gold, Silver, and Gunmetal and is available for purchase now.
Auxillite - Now Listen to Music while Charging your Phone
The Auxillite converter is designed as a solution for charging and listening on smartphones that don’t have the 3.5mm audio jack.
HyperDrive - World’s Most Compact USB-C Hub for your MacBook Pro
HyperDrive is the first and only hub designed to feature two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports for the MacBook Pro for a maximum bandwidth.
MDR-XB50BS - Sony’s Wireless In-Ear Headphones that Sounds Decent
The Sony MDR-XB50BS headphones a bit pricy, but are sweat-resistant, sound decent and fits well. It is ready for demanding exercises and workout routines.
GizmoTab by Verizon is a Real Tablet Designed for Kids
GizmoTab is a kid-tough educational tablet to spark young imaginations and trigger their desire to learn. It is also very durable and affordable.
Here is Origin’s EVO15-S, VR-ready Laptop
Origin EVO15-S is lightweight, thin, VR-ready gaming laptop with desktop-class graphics. EVO15-S has a starting price of $2,083.
GoPro’s Karma Grip Stabilizer to Capture Smooth Photos and Videos
The GoPro Karma Grip is available at $299 and comes with a case and accessories like a mounting ring and an extension cable.
Google Wifi - Extend Fast Internet to Every Corner of your Home
Google Wifi has got a clever yet simple design and cloud-based intelligence to make sure you get wifi signals throughout your homes.
The Top 5 Gadgets Launched at CES 2017
At CES 2017 events, we have seen a lot of advancements and experimentations and also progress in some the existing products. Here are our top 5 products.
AirBar - Now Touch without a Touchscreen
The AirBar is just a sleek, thin, black stick that when plugged into your laptop, turns its screen into a touchscreen. It is simple and affordable.
Project Valerie - World’s First Triple Display Gaming Laptop
Razer’s Project Valerie is the world’s first automated triple display laptop. It is designed to be incredibly powerful yet mobile.
Canvas 27 - Dell’s New Drawing Surface for Creative Professionals
Dell’s Canvas 27 is a specialized display announced last week at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, that can turn your Windows 10 PC into a creative powerhouse.
Polaroid Pop - An Instant Digital Camera Debuts at CES 2017
With Polaroid Pop, Polaroid is back again this year at CES with another new camera that mixes digital and physical photography.
AirTV Player - Android-powered Box for 4K Streaming
The AirTV Player in an Android-powered box that combines the ability to stream online video services. You can get it with the OTA adapter for $129.99.
Stylus 3 - LG is Back with a New Stylus Phone
The South Korean tech giant LG recently announced its Stylus 3 ahead of the huge CES 2017. The Stylus is the third in LG’s affordable stylus range.
Top 5 Gadgets that will Change your Life in 2017
Our world is gradually making its way into everything from appliances to smart gadgets. Here’s a list of the top 5 gadgets you shouldn’t miss in 2017.
Kuri - The Cutest Robot for your Home
Californian start-up Mayfield Robotics unveiled an intelligent personal buddy called Kuri at the CES 2017 trade show in Las Vegas.
Smart Assistant - Lenovo's Echo Lookalike Smart Home Gadget
Lenovo Smart Assistant is a tall, tubular speaker that has Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa built in which the company unveiled at CES 2017.
Laundroid - A Laundry Folding Robot Launched at CES 2017
Laundroid is a robot Sakane is developing to not only wash and dry garments but also sort, fold and neatly arrange them. Pre-order starts now.
Flir Announced Thermal Cameras for Phones, Drones and Homes
The Flir Duo is a compact, lightweight, dual-sensor thermal and visible light imager designed for drones. The Duo will be available for $999.
Elago Unveils An Apple Watch Stand with a Vintage Mac Look
Elago W3 Apple Watch stand is an attractive piece because it transforms your smartwatch into a vintage Macintosh computer.
LG’s New W7 OLED TV is as Thin as a Wallpaper
LG is pushing really hard at CES 2017 and has launched its signature W7 series of OLED screens at a perfect time. LG will begin shipping in March.
Norton Core Router - Powerful and Secure WiFi is Now a Thing
Norton is one of the most popular security software. The parent company Symantec just introduced its first home router called Norton Core.
REMI - Your Child’s Best Friend when it Comes to Sleep Routines
REMI is a smart, customizable sleep companion that goes to sleep with your baby and wakes up with them in the morning. Available for pre-order on Indiegogo.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Set to Release This Year
The rumors suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be priced at $850 and the phone is set to launch in the end of April. Stay Tuned.!
CTRL The Robot - The World’s Handiest Robot Launched at CES 2017
CTRL the Robot, is a robot arm that looks every bit as impressive at the big industrial robots costing several hundred thousand dollars.
Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound 1 Wireless Speaker Sounds Magnificent
BeoSound 1 is a wireless speaker with an impressive 360-degree sound performance. It supports everything from Google Cast to Bluetooth to AirPlay and DLNA.
Avoid Dodgy Cables Using Satechi’s USB Type-C
The Satechi Type-C Power Meter is available from Satechi’s website and Amazon for $30 and will cost you about £35 if you want to ship it to the UK.
With It’s Mission Line, Endless has Entered the U.S. Market
The Endless Mission Mini is priced at $129 while Mission One will be retailed at $249. Both are available on Amazon and directly from the company.
Ping - The Bluetooth GPS Locator to Help you Locate your Belongings
Ping is a bluetooth tracker that helps you find your loved ones and belongings in order for you to get to know where exactly they are.
BlackPods is a Company Making Premium Custom AirPods
BlackPods apparently both the name of the company and the end product are same. It Offers a treatment where it converts white AirPods into a BlackPods.
Gita - The Personal Cargo-carrying Robot by Piaggio
It was designed by a new startup within the broader Piaggio group of brands, called Piaggio Fast Forward. Gita was launched on February 2nd, in Boston.
MW50 - Master & Dynamic’s New On-ear Headphone is a Bit Costly
Masters & Dynamic's latest Bluetooth headphones, the on-ear MW50, feature a classic design executed with luxurious materials.
Sentinel Robotic System by Trapezium Technologies
The Sentinel Robotic System is a semi-autonomous telepresence robotic system that can be deployed to aid an officer in conducting a traffic stop.
Velop - A High-performing Modular Wi-Fi System for your Smart Home
The Linksys Velop is a whole-home Wi-Fi or mesh-router system that uses several routers that work together to extend the range of your Wi-Fi signal.
Lenovo Miix 510 - An Almost Surface Pro Clone at $600
Lenovo Miix 510 is composed of two parts: a tablet portion and a detachable keyboard. It looks like a worthy opponent to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4.
Take Perfect Selfies with Meitu’s New T8 Smartphone
The new Meitu T8 smartphone can help erase your dark undereye circles, whiten your teeth, and give you a goddess-like highlight.
Galaxy Book Tablets - The Second Wave of Hybrids from Samsung
The new 12-inch Samsung Galaxy Book is the latest tablet. It’s 10-inch version offers lesser specs but is nice enough. It weighs around 1.6 pounds.
Sony Announces Xperia XZ Premium at MWC 2017
Sony's now stepped up itself with the announcement of Xperia XZ Premium at MWC 2017, the world's first phone with a 4K HDR screen.
Polaroid revealed new 3D printers and pens at CES 2017
Polaroid announced several new products at CES 2017. 3 new desktop printers. Auto-calibration & Built-in Wifi. Monitor using your smartphone. 3D Pens.
HTC’s New Flagships U Ultra and Play Have Arrived
HTC’s new flagships U Ultra and Play has Similar designs, gorilla glass 5, 16 megapixel front facing a camera, great storage capacity, good Battery Life.
Soundwall Nova: Stream Music From a Work of Art.
Soundwall allows you to stream your favorite music wirelessly from a beautiful work of art. Soundwall produces natural sound from flat-panel speakers made.
Lenovo’s New Yoga Convertible Laptops Pack Remarkably Fast Graphics
Lenovo’s New Yoga 720 Convertible laptop has Outstanding Style & Flexibility. It has Core i7 Processors with Dynamic Features at $1,100.
Porsche Design Reveals 2-in-1 at The Mobile World Congress 2017
Porsche Design Computing revealed the Book One 2-in-1 device sporting Windows 10 Pro at Mobile World Congress 2017. It Comes with Cortana. Shipping in April
Xperia Touch: A Projector That Lets You Interact With Any Surface
The Xperia Touch looks very much like a huge external hard drive. Xperia Touch will automatically turn on when you start to approach. 32GB of storage...
Flter: A Secure Router to Protect Your Home Network
Flter is a secure router to protect home network. Flter allows you to change connection modes or configure more advanced settings via App and web interface.
Caavo is a Box That Aims to Merge All Your TV Streaming Boxes and Services
Caavo is a new media company that is blending home entertainment. The Caavo will figure out what device has that content, and then play it on your TV.
iBaby’s Monitor M6S is a Great Device, But a Bit Pricey
iBaby's Monitor M6S has a consistent 1080p video quality with night vision. Dual Band Support. Two-Way Audio Speakers and Speedy.
TetraBin Turns Disposal Of Rubbish Into A Rewarding Game
TetraBin is An Interactive Bin. TetraBin using gamified approach. Encouraging active attitudes. Sencity’s goal is to associate with city governments...
BeatsX: AirPods In A Neckband-style Headphone | More Bass and Richer Sound
The BeatsX is a fresh take on the neckband-style wireless headphone. The BeatsX are comfortable and lightweight to wear. Enjoy more bass and richer sound.
Botvac Connected: Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum
Botvac Connected wifi connected robot vacuum. Battery Life and Other Aspects: Spin Flow PowerClean, Cleaning Summary, Brushes, Battery.
BajaBoard: Four-Wheel Drive Electric Board
BajaBoard is a four wheel drive all-terrain electric skateboard and has a top speed of 50km/h. The board handles partly like a snowboard...
Daplie: A Personal Cloud System You Actually Own
It’s the Personal Cloud System by Daplie. More than just store your data on a hard drive, More Than Cloud Storage. Cloud as you want and never pay monthly.
Foxshot: A Small, Water Resistant Camera With 1080p
Foxshot Portable Stickable Camera. You can stick it to Glass, Marble and Wood, It is Oreo’s size, easy to hold. Manage it with an interactive application.
Turn Torch: A Four Button Smart Home Control
The Turn Touch comes four programmable buttons that can be customized with a MacOS or iOS app. They claims that the battery lasts for 365 days on a charge.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: A Versatile Tab With An All-New Glass Design
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a versatile tab with all new glass design. Features like: Glass Design, Gaming, The S Pen, A Dedicated Keyboard and Samsung Flow.
Lenovo Ideapad 110S: A Chic and Affordable Laptop With a Good Keyboard
Lenovo Ideapad 110S: Performance Limitations, All-white Design, Good Keyboard, 32GB Internal Storage. well enough for working on docs and surfing internet.
HP Sprocket Photo Printer: Now Print Your Selfies With This New Photo Printer
HP Sprocket Photo Printer: Compact Size is one of the best features, Minimal Controls, Easy to Setup, No Need To Replace Ink Cartridge and A Bit Pricy.
Fitbit Blaze: A Smart, Fitness Watch
Fitbit Blaze is a smart, fitness watch. Features: Amazing touch screen display, Rectangular display, Modular design, Water resistant and Vibrant Display.
Misfit Flare: A $60, Single LED Indicator Fitness Tracker
Misfit flare single LED sign fitness tracker innovative gadget. You can program the touch-sensitive face to start and stop music or do a few other uses.
BrakeFree is a Smart Brake Light For Motorcyclists
BrakeFree: Smart LED Brake Light, No Wired Connection, Continuous Flash Mode. Easy To Attach, Can Go Up To 8 Hours. Brake Free is easy to turn on even with gloves.
Pebby: An Advanced Smartball That Babysits Your Pet
An Advanced Smartball That Babysits Your Pet. It comes with your choice of EASYfix magnetic caps. So you can customize the look of your Pebby.
StringPad Headphones Adds Motion To Your Sound
StrindPad: Technology combines dynamic speaker drivers and built-in bone conductors. It has developed and built headset that makes it possible for users to feel the digital world.
Muse 5 & Rio 3: True Wireless Earphones
Muse and Rio are designed to be completely wireless. The headphones use Advanced Audio Coding and aptX to bring out quality sound from your digital sources.
Honeybot is a New Educational Companion Robot
Honeybot is an interactive and educative home robot with multiple functions. It can be used to learn, to play, and to have fun. It is an active storyteller.
Nintendo is Launching Its New 2DS XL System in July
The 2DS XL features the same upgraded hardware and second analogue nub as the New 3DS XL. The new 2DS XL plays Nintendo DS and 3DS games.
Gigabyte Aero 15 Packs Amazing Power In A Slim Package
Gigabyte Aero 15 comes with a discrete graphics card, an Intel i7 Core processor. The 15.6-inch screen is bright and clear. It can transmit data of up to 40Gbps.
Things You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8: Best-looking phone, The bigger screen lets you multitask efficiently. It has a Dual Pixel sensor. It has advanced 10nm processor.
Insta360 Air: Affordable 360-degree Camera on Your Smartphone
Insta360 Air : It is a lightweight and ultra-portable clip-on smartphone camera. It has built-in advanced stabilization algorithm. Use Insta360 Air to shoot stunning 360° photos and videos.
Huawei Launched Honor 8 Pro With Great Specs at an Affordable Price
Honor 8 Pro: Huawei Honor 8 Pro has a sleek, ultra-thin 6.97mm metal body. It has latest Octa-core Kirin 960. Quad HD display. 12MP dual camera.
The New Blackberry KEYone is Purpose Built to Allow You to Do More
Blackberry Keyone: Gorilla Glass 4. Backlit Physical Keyboard. Other Blackberry Features. Virtual Touchscreen Keyboard. Keyboard Shortcuts. Fingerprint Sensor. Convenience Key.
Mu Tag: World’s Smallest Property Tracker and Loss Prevention Device
Mu Tag: The Smallest Property Tracker and Loss Prevention Device. The main micro-controller module, and an interchangeable and rechargeable battery module.
Jelly is The Smallest 4G Smartphone With Up to 3 Days of Battery Life
Jelly: the smallest 4G smartphone. Supports 4G Network Carriers. But it doesn’t support those with CDMA. It's got a 1.1 GHz processor.
Reolink Argus: Wireless, Battery Powered Security Camera
Reolink Argus is totally wire-free security camera to keep an eye on what happens when you are not at home. Reolink Argus comes with a 360° magnetic base.
Air by Crazybaby : World’s First Carbon Nanotube, Wireless Headphones
Air has been built with a 5.2 mm customized speaker driver. The Air has free iOS and Android Crazybaby apps. Air delivers high-performance sound without additional bulk.
Moto Z2 Play: A New Smartphone With Clever Software And An All-Day Battery Life
Moto Z2 Play: Powerful stereo speaker. Shoot with a 10x optical zoom camera. Instantly boost battery life. Voice Command and Advanced Camera are superb spec.
Apple's HomePod: The New Sound of Home
Apple's HomePod: It combines Apple-engineered audio technology and advanced software to deliver the highest-fidelity sound. HomePod allows Siri to hear your requests from afar.
Magpie: The Smartest GPS Tracker Around
The GPS tracker is only about an inch in diameter and syncs with an Android or iOS app. Magpie is waterproof. Magpie will alert you with its built-in...
Pilot is a New Smart Earpiece Language Translator
Waverly Labs’ Pilot can already translate five spoken languages, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, and seven written additional languages, German, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Korean and Mandarin Chinese.
Home by Essential Promises a Smarter Home - Essential Home
The Essential Home has round auto-display that beautifully blends into any home environment while providing seamless access to multiple types of information and services.
Microsoft Xbox One X Looks Like The Most Powerful Console Ever
The Xbox One X is capable of rendering the year’s biggest games in 4K. It comes with High Dynamic Range, at a whopping great 60 frames per second.
RIVA Arena Helps You Create Your Own Mini Music Event
RIVA ARENA is the compact multi-room speaker. It delivers Stereophonic Sound. This gives an unmatched audio experience....
Flic Hub: A Home Automation System That Simplifies Home Control With Smart Buttons
The Flic Hub is a controller for Flic buttons which are small clickable buttons. These buttons can be programmed to control a variety of IoT devices.

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