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MJ Freeway Business Solutions provides cannabis compliance software for the marijuana industry. We offer professional consultations for operators.
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Biometrics you can still use a PIN number and or username or password metrics of course is the most secure way cannabis pos of doing that and you know allows accountability transparency and traceability throughout the entire supply chain okay now where is the bio track THC point-of-sale system deployed now we actually just passed the location mark this last week.
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MJ Freeway's technology includes a patented seed to sale supply chain ERP Platform which leverages sophisticated business intelligence insights. MJ Freeway Leaf Data Systems technology solution enables governments to track cannabis, prevent diversion and ensure patient, public, and product safety. MJ Freeway also offers a complete suite of consulting services for cannabis businesses.
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MJ Freeway® is the industry-leading software, consulting, and data solution for cannabis businesses, processing $5B in cannabis sales transactions ...
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Cannabis Pos And Love Have 4 Things In Common within their business plan to cannabis pos either increase the likelihood of them winning an application or winning their license and or you know so that way they've got the proper documentation on their side that you know that they are mitigating any risk with respects do not compliance non-compliance