Fundraiser - A Kickstarter Clone
Fundraiser – A Kickstarter Clone by NCrypted Websites® for creating your fundraising or crowdfunding website, invite fundraisers, donors and backers from the crowd to help fund member's project(s). It's a platform where people from around the world can post projects to raise funds from crowds of investors. NCrypted Websites' Kickstarter Clone is an advanced and innovative fundraising / crowdfunding platform that lets fundraisers raise funds from the crowd, also known as a crowdfunding website, or crowdfunding platform. Contrary to Kickstarter's "all or nothing" philosophy, our Kickstarter Clone script guarantees the fundraiser can keep all of the money raised, even if you don't reach your goal. It's up to you what kind of fundraising model you want for your project or website.
How To Startup A Lending Crowdfunding Business?
Lending Crowdfunding Script by NCrypted Websites is a devious script that lets you start your own lending based fundraising websites similar to LendingClub, Kiva, Zopa, Funding Circle, Upstart, Prosper Marketplace, etc.Lending Crowdfunding PHP Script lets you start your own P2P lending platform for investors to get connected with trustworthy borrowers who wants to get funded for assorted campaigns. It’s the Best Lending Crowdfunding Script in the market, designed after having done the significant research on the technological innovation and respective niches. It is a crafty Lending Crowdfunding Software that pledges to increase a huge momentum in an extensive market because of the unique lending experience.
Do You Know How To Start A Reward Crowdfunding Business?
Reward Crowdfunding Script by NCrypted Websites is an insightful script that lets you start your own reward based fundraising websites similar to Reward Crowdfunding, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, etc.As per the name goes Reward Crowdfunding Script is a structured system that allows you to get started with your own Reward Crowdfunding business. It permits people to invest in an ongoing project to achieve rewards for their commitment towards the project.In reward based crowdfunding a group of people endorse a set of specific tasks projected by a work creator through commitment. The owner of the project holds full ownership of the project funded via Reward Crowdfunding Script.
Do You Know About Real Estate Crowdfunding Business?
Real Estate Crowdfunding Script by NCrypted Websites is a perceptive script that lets you start your own real estate based crowdfunding websites similar to GroundBreaker, CrowdStreet, iFunding, etc.In the midst of the arrival of the crowdfunding schemes, and there have been several occasions where public gather together to assist funds for specific causes. Nonetheless, real estate have jumped their way through to make a name for themselves as well. Real Estate Crowdfunding is perfect for those who wish to invest their money expecting large number of returns in the looming days.