List of Universities

List of Universities

Top universities of the world.

All bookmarks8298 USA 1066 Japan 567 China 387 India 344 Russia 315 Germany 282 France 263 Iran 195 Indonesia 179 United Kingdom 169 Brazil 161 Mexico 160 Malaysia 148 Canada 145 Korea, South 142 Pakistan 134 Poland 131 Philippines 116 Nigeria 115 Colombia 102 Italy 91 Turkey 90 Argentina 87 Taiwan 86 Spain 81 Bangladesh 76 Ukraine 76 Peru 68 Thailand 66 Chile 65 Saudi Arabia 63 Portugal 62 Romania 62 Australia 50 Greece 50 Kenya 50 Switzerland 48 Iraq 47 Belgium 44 Vietnam 44 Austria 43 Ecuador 43 Egypt 41 Afghanistan 40 Netherlands 40 Hungary 37 Sweden 37 Venezuela 37 Belarus 36 Bulgaria 36 Sudan 35 United Arab Emirates 35 Burma 34 Slovakia 33 Bolivia 32 Costa Rica 31 Denmark 31 Finland 31 Ethiopia 30 Jordan 30 Algeria 29 Morocco 29 Czech Republic 28 Dominican Republic 28 Kazakhstan 28 Azerbaijan 26 Puerto Rico 26 El Salvador 25 Ghana 25 Ireland 24 Lebanon 24 Sri Lanka 24 Norway 23 Israel 22 Latvia 22 South Africa 22 Uzbekistan 22 Cambodia 21 Tanzania 21 Tunisia 19 Uganda 19 Lithuania 17 Nicaragua 17 Panama 17 Somalia 17 Cyprus 16 Palestine 16 Albania 15 Bosnia and Herzegovina 15 Syria 15 Zimbabwe 15 Cuba 13 Georgia 13 Kyrgyzstan 13 Paraguay 13 Serbia 13 Yemen 13 Armenia 12 Hong Kong 12 Moldova 12 Bahrain 11 Guatemala 11 Libya 11 Oman 11 Rwanda 11 Cameroon 10 Congo, Democratic Republic of the 10 Estonia 10 Iceland 10 Mongolia 10 New Zealand 10 Senegal 10 Honduras 9 Angola 8 Botswana 8 Croatia 8 Kuwait 8 Nepal 8 Macedonia 7 Zambia 7 Haiti 6 Holy See 6 Madagascar 6 Singapore 6 Uruguay 6 Belize 5 Kosovo 5 Mozambique 5 Namibia 5 Netherlands Antilles 5 Papua New Guinea 5 Saint Kitts and Nevis 5 Fiji 4 Guinea 4 Guyana 4 Malawi 4 Sierra Leone 4 Slovenia 4 Benin 3 Brunei 3 Burundi 3 Cote d'Ivoire 3 Dominica 3 Gambia 3 Jamaica 3 Macau 3 Maldives 3 Malta 3 Tajikistan 3 Trinidad and Tobago 3 Antigua and Barbuda 2 Cayman Islands 2 Laos 2 Liechtenstein 2 Luxembourg 2 Mauritius 2 Qatar 2 Samoa 2 Seychelles 2 South Sudan 2 Andorra 1 Bahamas 1 Barbados 1 Bermuda 1 Bhutan 1 Burkina Faso 1 Cape Verde 1 Central African Republic 1 Chad 1 Congo, Republic of the 1 Djibouti 1 Equatorial Guinea 1 Eritrea 1 Faroe Islands 1 French Guiana 1 French Polynesia 1 Gabon 1 Greenland 1 Grenada 1 Guadeloupe 1 Guam 1 Korea, North 1 Lesotho 1 Liberia 1 Mali 1 Martinique 1 Mauritania 1 Monaco 1 Montenegro 1 Montserrat 1 New Caledonia 1 Niger 1 Niue 1 Reunion 1 Saint Lucia 1 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1 San Marino 1 Solomon Islands 1 Suriname 1 Swaziland 1 Togo 1 Tonga 1 Turkmenistan 1 Turks and Caicos Islands 1 Virgin Islands 1

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