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Tempered Networks - Protect Your Critical Infrastructure
Protect Your Critical Infrastructure and Information. Prevent network attacks with proven award-winning technology.
Ten years of Ubuntu: How Linux’s beloved newcomer became its criticized king
In October of 2004, a new Linux distro appeared on the scene with a curious name—Ubuntu. Even then there were hundreds, today if not thousands, of different Linux distros available. Terminprozessmanagement in der Cloud
Terrific Composer
Terrific Composer is a Frontend Development Framework specifically designed for building deluxe frontends based on the [Terrific concept](
provides you a Scalable Javascript Architecture, that helps you to modularize your jQuery/Zepto Code in a very intuitive and natural way
Tesla just announced a supercar
It's called the Model S P85D. It comfortably seats four, more if you're willing to squeeze in a kid or two. If your frame of reference for automobiles ended somewhere around the year 2000, the performance of Elon Musk's hottest all-electric sedan yet would be outright difficult to comprehend.